Free Printable Medieval Middle Ages Crafts, Coloring Pages

Some Advent observances date back to medieval times. I read Ellis Peters' "Brother Cadfael" and Susannah Gregory's "Mathew Bartholomew" books as well as some individual books set in the Middle Ages. All of them mention advent. With that in mind, here are free printable Medieval crafts, including castle, bailey, keep and chapel. I have a penchant for history, especially of the medieval period. I'm sure that my idea of the Middle Ages is pretty romanticized, but I can't help thrilling to words like dovecote, kirtle and merlon. If you share my predilection, here are free printable coloring pages from the medieval period. Social studies and history teachers might use these images in lessons on the period. Catholic home school students might use them in church history classes. I suggest assigning students to create a notebook of data, images, maps, timelines, diagrams and pictorial artifacts from the period. Read on


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