Free Printable Advent Cards and Invitations

If you're like me, you get invited to a lot of celebrations. There are secular ones--graduation, retirement, birthdays--and religious ones--holidays, first communion, baptism, weddings. I love giving gifts, but costs add up. So I use free printable greeting cards to save money. Going to a Catholic or Christian special event? Here are printable cards. Throwing a party? Here are invitations. You'll find printable holiday, wedding, bridal and baby shower and birthday cards, too.  Free Printable First Holy Communion Cards and Invitations

Free Printable Advent, Christmas, Catholic, Bible Coloring Pages

Catholics celebrate several religious days, referred to as Holy Days. Based on the Bible, these days center around an event in the life of Jesus or His Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. Holy Days are All Saints Day (Nov. 1), Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8), Christmas (preceded by the holy season of Advent), Solemnity of Mary (Jan 1), Ash Wednesday (movable feast which kicks of the holy season of Lent and leads up to Easter), Ascension Thursday (movable feast) and the Assumption of Mary (August 15).

Our tradition is rich in Biblical teaching, prayer, sacraments and tradition. Our liturgical calendar is full of other specials days. We also commemorate the lives of saints. To help children learn about Catholic faith, here are free printable coloring pages for Bible stories, holidays and holy days, Lent, Advent, life of Jesus, Catholic saints, feast days, rosary and stations of the cross.  Free Printable Catholic Saints and Christian Bible Coloring Pages


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