Common Sense Christmas Shopping Means Healthier, Christ-Centered Advent

We talk about keeping Christ in Christmas. Then we spend all advent Christmas shopping like maniacs. That's not pleasing to God. It takes the focus off Him and puts it on money and possessions. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts and do each year. But I try to do it reasonably. Here are penny pincher shopping tips to save money, keep costs low and buy meaningful gifts and keep Baby Jesus where He belongs--as the star of the day. Tightwad Mama's Common Sense Christmas Shopping Tips

How to Simplify Christmas Shopping

I’m a frugalista every day, everywhere. But particularly in gift giving occasions. This may sound parsimonious, but I only spend $10 to $15 per birthday or Christmas gift for extended family. For the kids and spouse, I spend more, but even then, I stay in a budget. If I get the gift on sale (and I usually do) the value of the gift may be more. But the price tag, I keep low.

I do this for several reasons. First, it’s too easy to overspend. By pinch pennies in every purchase, I stay financially solvent. I cut on non-essentials so I’ll have enough for essentials. I prioritize needs before luxuries, and then choosing which luxuries to splurge on (for example, last Christmas we didn’t exchange gifts, but took the family to New Orleans to see our eldest daughter). On a deeper spiritual level, simple Christmas are more Catholic. It gets us in line with advent principles. For more, read  How to Simplify Christmas Shopping


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