Student volunteer service credit opportunities: Tips for parents

 Volunteering is a buzzword in educational circles. It's also an important component of Catholic advent activities. To raise student awareness, groups like United Way coordinate student volunteer programs. Home schoolers and families can take advantage of this program to help kids gain volunteer experience. Many schools require kids to perform a set number of community service credits to graduate. Elementary and middle schools are getting in on the act, too. If your student needs earn community service credits here are some suggestions.  read more

Simple life parenting: Teaching kids how to slow down

Whenever I ask fellow parents how they are, the first answer is always "busy." Parents are under a lot of pressure from work, family, school and community. It's easy to get so caught up in our busy lives that we forget to live. We disconnect from spouses and kids because we're stuck in a too-fast lifestyle. We complain that kids are too busy, but they learn from our example. As we begin thinking about Advent, here are ways parents teach kids, by example, how to slow down.  Advent slow-down tips


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