Free Printable Jesse Tree Advent Devotional Craft Tips

"And a shoot shall spring forth from the stump of Jesse: a branch out of his roots." Isaiah 11:1. This Biblical passage from the Old Testament prophet Isaiah foretells a new branch in the family tree of King David. Jesse was the father of David. David was the king of Israel during her Golden Age. After Solomon, David's son died, the kingdom fell to quarreling and heathen practices. The two kingdoms finally split and ultimately were carried off into slavery by a succession of eastern rulers from Assyria, Babylon, Medea and Persia.

David's lineage from Jesse is said to have withered or died. Isaiah refers to the family tree as a stump (great imagery). But we are also promised a new branch which will bring new life to the old dead tree. Many Christians us The Jesse Tree during Advent to guide their devotions. The Jesse Tree traces the lineage of Jesus through Jesse. It was also called the Adam and Eve tree and was decorated with apples and white wafers to remind us of the Host used in the Eucharist. The Jesse or Chrisom Tree as it is also called, is often confused with the Christmas tree. An evergreen is generally used and is decorates with ornaments that represent different people and stories in the life and family of Emmanuel or Jesus.

You can make your own Jesse Tree easily for use in your home, Church, catechism or Sunday School. Here's how.  read on


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