Advent is Minor Penitential Season--First Hand Lessons in Charity, Fasting

Advent is a lesser or minor penitential season-- a mini Lent. We practice the same gospel virtues--prayer, fasting and almsgiving. We homeschooled our kids and being Catholic, followed church liturgical calendar for lessons. During Lent, our church does Catholic Relief Services Operation Rice Bowl, collecting money for those in need. Through the rice bowl calendar we learn about cultures our money helps. Charity gets a negative reputation when it's done wrong. Like a "superior" people helping an "inferior" one. Rice Bowl isn't a do-gooder, we-them thing. They ain't heavy--they're brothers and sisters. And Rice Bowl lessons have applications for Advent and the entire liturgical year. Here's what we learned, plus ways you can bring CRS social values to your advent  What We Learned About Hunger From My Third-World Recipe Fail - News - Bubblews


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