Free Printable Bible Coloring Pages, Catholic Saints, Advent Activities

Many of my happiest childhood memories revolve around Bible stories and Sunday School activities. Crafts were simpler then. Just crayons and coloring, mostly. But how I loved that big box of broken crayons. I love coloring pictures of Bible friends: Adam and Eve, Noah's ark, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and his coat of many colors, Moses, the Exodus, Samuel, Samson and Deliah, Gideon, Joshua, David and Goliath and so many others. And then all the New Testament friends: Zaccheus, St. John, the disciples, the parables, the miracles and of course, our Lord Jesus.

I'm a Catholic convert. Homeschooling my kids, I shared that intimate friendship with Biblical characters. I adopted Catholic saints into the circle of friends. Or should I say the saints adopted me. Teachers and homeschoolers, here are free printable Biblical Christmas coloring pages. They're perfect for VBS, Sunday School, CCD, religious education, preschool and special needs kids. Read on


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